About Us

We started camping together in 2007 with a hand-me-down tent, a flashlight, and a pack of cards. Our first night camping together was spent atop a clump of tree roots, in the darkness of the Quechee Gorge. Since then, we’ve bought a new tent and a couple of headlamps. We’ve slept next to a rambling brook, watched the shadow of bats fluttering about at twilight and roasted everything from corn and marshmallows to bacon and donuts.

As young professionals, we’ve found that camping is an affordable weekend getaway. We are required to be self-reliant, entertain ourselves, and be comfortable with our discomfort. We’d love to convince our friends to join us, but often the thought of ever-present mosquitos, unknown paths through shaded woods, and sandy burnt food turn them off.

We write this blog to tell them–and you–that these fears are easily vanquished, and the rewards of slumber to the tune of loon calls, fireflies during the late purple nights, and kayaking among the waterlilies is all worth the trek to one of Vermont’s state parks.

And that’s a small part of it. The lullaby of bullfrogs and shower of summer comets can be found at many campsites, and our goal is to document our trips, as we evolve from car campers in Vermont to more adventurous sorts. We also hope that you’ll join our adventures and, if you’re an ambivilant camper, that you’ll find the campsite that you can call your own.

Tentsite 19 at Ricker Pond in the Groton State Forest of Vermont is our campsite. Sunny and roomy with a private path to the lake, our leafy perimeter was set off from the road yet not far from amenities. We’ve watched moons passed, stoked fires, listened to the coyotes, and met ducks as they walked up to greet us.

Join us. Steep in nature. Take a hike. Unplug.

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