Bacon S’mores

I’m sure this *never* happens to you, but during our trip to Little River, I found myself with an excess of bacon. Don’t ask. I was either overly prepared or overly ambitious. Thankfully I was camping with an adventurous group of fire-loving enthusiasts who made short order of my predicament.

We’d been roasting marshmallows, making traditional s’mores, then changing it up with gourmet chocolate, Newman-Os, giant-sized marshmallows, and dreams of Nutella. But when I broke into the bacon, the tenor of our experiments changed.

Instantly, we bacon loves salivated and forgot that anything else was possible. Photo by Tim Wessel.

Instantly, we bacon lovers salivated and forgot that anything else was possible. Photo by Tim Wessel.

In case you want to likewise combine breakfast and dessert over the fire, here’s how:

Bacon S’mores

1. Place a marshmallow on top of a chocolate square on top of a graham cracker.
2. Thread a slice of bacon on your roasting stick.
3. Carefully cook over the fire, rotating for evenness.
4. When done to likeness, carefully slide bacon off stick with a cracker, creating a sandwich.

The hot bacon will melt the marshmallow and chocolate. But there’s no need to wait that long. Bite into it. Share it. Let bacon grease sizzle down your chins. Do it again.

Bacon on a stick by Sarah Adam 2015

2015 Plans

The 2015 camping season is underway–we’ve already booked a Memorial Day trip to St. Catherine State Park and are planning a group camping in July. More to come, very soon! Meanwhile, here’s something to help you stay warm.