Camping Around the Web May 2015

Of course we’re not the only WordPress bloggers writing about our camping experiences. Here’s a short list of some folks who, like us, really enjoy this type of recreation and the many memorable moments it can provide. If we can’t convince you to go camping this summer, then perhaps one of them will.

A Twelve Year Journey Starts with a Single Tent

It’s about being together as a family, away from the distractions, just being us. And creating this habit before there are teenagers who want technology to argue with.  It’s about exploring nature together. We also want to see the kids really understand their home state. I love Iowa and Scott has learned to love it to. There is so much to do and see here, and this journey will help them discover that. The main reason, however, for this crazy scheme, is that I selfishly want to suck up all the time with them I can while I have it.

Mother’s Day ~ Full of Camping Memories

 My Love language is “Quality Time.”  So, every year I tell my husband not to buy me anything because I truly feel like going camping with the family is my gift (he never listens and always buys me something anyway).

Poetry at the Tent: Five Things I Learned From Camping at Goose Island State Park, Texas

Goose Island offers camping, fishing and birding along  the St. Charles and Aransas bays, north of Corpus Christi, Texas. A three-hour drive from Austin makes this an easy weekend destination–although to avoid the crowds, mid week is better.

Ashuelot River Campground

Ashuelot River Campground is 22 acres of space, with sites for everything from big rigs to tents (and Alto Campers in between). Access to the sites is easy, and there’s plenty of open space for playing baseball, football, or picnicking; and there’s a rec room with foosball, ping-pong, pool and plenty of other evening or rainy day pass times.

Hanna Flats Camping

Most of Saturday afternoon was spent relaxing around camp in various forms. Several people napped, a group of us played card and dice games, we gathered firewood for that evening, a group played bocce around the sites, some read books, and we were all serenaded by a guitar. The beauty of a group that large was that there always seemed to be someone else interested in what you wanted to do, and you didn’t have to feel bad for breaking off from the herd.

Not Real Adults

When our youngest, Jenny, graduated from High School she was 18 years old and my son, Ben was already in college and was 20. The two of them and one of Ben’s friends, who had been at our house on and off for years, came to us with a plan for an adventure of their own.